Double the Blessings: Tiffany and Chad Brown’s Labor and Delivery Experience at SMH

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Saline Memorial Hospital prides itself on being a non-profit organization that offers quality health care with the patient’s best interests at heart. So when we received a letter from Tiffany Brown about her experience at Saline Memorial Hospital our hearts leaped. Tiffany recently gave birth to two beautiful twin girls, Gabriella and Grace, at Saline Memorial Hospital with the medical care from Central Arkansas Women’s Group and Dr. Stacy Pinter.  Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

Having a baby is the most joyous experience of a woman’s life and, simultaneously, the most terrifying! But when you find out that you are having not one baby but two, the stakes are that much higher! That is why my husband, Chad, and I made it our primary goal to obtain the best care possible for our twin girls.  And we achieved our goal by ultimately choosing Saline Memorial Hospital as the place to deliver our little miracles, Gabriella and Grace.

The first step was easy—we made an appointment with Dr. Stacy Pinter of Central Arkansas Women’s Group. I have been going to Central Arkansas Women’s Group for approximately 13 years and am so appreciative of the extraordinary care I have received from Maggie Hicks, R.N.P., Dr. Pinter, and their entire staff.  Dr. Pinter had delivered my amazing son, Jackson, in August 2010. We had our son at another hospital and had a positive experience there. For this pregnancy, however, Dr. Pinter counseled that, as long as our girls were progressing well and no extenuating circumstances arose, she would deliver our girls at Saline Memorial. Admittedly, Chad and I were hesitant in the beginning of our pregnancy about delivering at Saline Memorial because (1) we had not had a bad experience at the hospital where Jackson was born and at least knew what to expect there, and (2) we were having twins! But we also trusted that Dr. Pinter knew what was best for our girls. She encouraged us to speak with others who had delivered at Saline Memorial, as well as the nursing staff, in advance of our delivery. Dr. Pinter advised us of the superior ratings that the labor and delivery staff at Saline Memorial had received.

Prayerfully, our sweet, beautiful girls grew for 37 weeks and 5 days with no health issues. On June 13, 2013, it was time for their arrival! When my son was born, I had a natural childbirth.  But, after discussing our options with Dr. Pinter, we came to the conclusion that the safest form of delivery for the girls was caesarean section. Although I knew this was the best decision for our girls, my anxiety level was incredibly high. This was surgery, and I had no prior experience with epidurals! But the amazing staff at Saline Memorial immediately put my fears at ease. Brooke Lance and Kathy were amazing nurses who rarely left my side and explained thoroughly what to expect before and during surgery. I had not received that kind of attention at the hospital where I had delivered my son, nor could I tell you the names of the nurses that assisted during his delivery. David Carlisle, CRNA, was also so attentive and reassuring when it came time for me to get the epidural. He guided me through every step of the process and answered any questions that I had.

When we entered the operating room, my husband commented on how many nurses and technicians were present to assist in the delivery of Gabriella and Grace. Dr. Pinter walked Chad and I through how the surgery would proceed. Dr. Pinter has such a calming and reassuring presence, which I desperately needed at that moment. God has blessed her with a special gift! David Carlisle, CRNA, sat at the head of my bed beside my husband, and he walked me through everything that was happening. He was so kind, and he kept repeating that we were about to have two birthday parties! As Dr. Pinter delivered each baby, the staff immediately went to work. But Chad and I were not kept in the dark as to what was happening. Dr. Pinter, David Carlisle, and the nursing staff explained to us what was happening. Following the girls delivery, Kathy stayed by my side, while Chad went with Gabrielle and Grace. When the girls were brought into my room, Kathy spent time assisting me in breastfeeding both of them. This was an amazing bonding experience for me and my girls.

The labor and delivery staff were not only attentive to me and my needs, but those of my family. They kept my parents, Dennis and Tina Milligan, informed of how the girls and I were doing before and after delivery. Most importantly, they were incredibly sweet to my son, Jackson, who had just had his entire world transformed in less than five minutes with the birth of his new baby sisters!

At night, Amanda Maynard took exceptional care of me, Chad, and the girls, ensuring that I was resting comfortably with no pain. She also took the time to answer any questions that I had about the girls’ progress. She was also very encouraging of my decision to breastfeed the twins. And, Brandi Adams took a great deal of time on the day that we were leaving the hospital to help me with some breastfeeding issues that the girls were having. She was as determined as I was to make sure that I would be able to feed the girls the way that I wanted to. She was so encouraging and positive, and I am grateful for the help that she provided. These are just a few names of the staff members at Saline Memorial that provided exceptional care to me and my girls. I only wish that I could devote a paragraph to each nurse who helped us over our two-day stay at the hospital.

As an added bonus, our girls were delivered in heart of the place that we call home—Saline County. Chad is a graduate of Benton High School, I am a graduate of Bryant High School, and we make our home in Hurricane Lake Estates in Benton. Because the majority of our family and friends also reside in Saline County, they were also able to visit us with little-to-no travel time.

Choosing Saline Memorial Hospital as the place to deliver our girls was the best decision that Chad and I could have made. We received quality care from the nursing staff, but with that hometown feel that made us and our entire family feel special and important.

Congratulations Tiffany and Chad Brown on your beautiful additions to your family. We look forward to seeing the girls grow. Tiffany sent us some pictures of her family which you can see below. You can see more pictures by clicking here.

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Get to know Dr. Estelle Rutledge, Central Arkansas Women’s Group


 Meet Dr. Estelle Rutledge of Central Arkansas Women’s Group

What do you love most about your job?
In obstetrics, there are no words to express how amazing it is to share with a patient and her family the experience of pregnancy and delivery.  It is such a pleasure and an  honor to be allowed to participate in such an important aspect of their lives.  With each and every delivery I perform, I am still in awe of this miracle.

Regarding gynecology, I love the fact that it is a field that offers preventative care for patients who have decided to take charge of their healthcare and comply with recommended visits and screenings.  I also enjoy the fact that most problems that arise can be cured, and in many instances, patients have more than one treatment option available.

What do you enjoy outside of work?
Spending time with friends and family especially my three-year old great nephew Xavier, traveling whether near or far, fitness activities, sitting on my couch in my Snuggie watching DVDs, baking (as in cakes, cookies and pies which somewhat negates my time spent participating in the aforementioned fitness activities).

What’s your favorite quote?
This lengthy quote was handed to me by my younger sister some time ago, and I reflect upon it often when I need the extra encouragement that she was trying to provide at the time:
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson

Community Outreach
Dr. Rutledge serves on the Executive Board of the Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation which is a statewide volunteer health care program which was developed to help low-income, medically uninsured Arkansans gain access to non-emergency medical care.

She is an Executive Board member of the Arkansas Medical Dental & Pharmaceutical Association

She is involved with several different local, state and national community service efforts through her work with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Dr. Rutledge sees patients at the Central Arkansas location at 2301 Springhill Road #110, Benton, AR 72019. Contact 847-0834 for more information.

Central Arkansas Women’s Group Springhill Clinic Open House

When it comes to meeting the growing health care needs of Saline County, we’re at the forefront of enhancing our services in order to meet them. Central Arkansas Women’s Group and Saline Memorial Hospital are pleased to announce the opening of their newest location.

We offer a full range of women’s care services including: routine prenatal care and delivery, full gynecologic care and surgery, pap smears, latest birth control methods, menopause management and more. In addition, we offer Obstetrical Sonograms with new 4-D Ultrasound technology.

Dr. Smith and Dr. Rutledge will be based out of the Springhill clinic starting February 20th. Dr. Ulmer-Pinter and Dr. Farrell will see patients at the Springhill clinic and will continue to see patients with Dr. Caldwell and Maggie Hicks at the other location.

Please join us at the Open House for the opening of the Central Arkansas Women’s Group Springhill Clinic this Wednesday, February 29th from 4:30-6:30 pm.

Saline Memorial Announces Plans to Expand Women’s Services in Bryant

Women's Services Arkansas

In an effort to expand women’s services, Saline Memorial Hospital (SMH) recently announced its plans to relocate two physicians with Central Arkansas Women’s Group to Springhill Road in Bryant. Central Arkansas Women’s Group is made up of five physicians who specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Central Arkansas Women’s Group (CAWG) was formed back in April of this year and includes Dr. Kim Smith, Dr. Estelle Rutledge, Dr. Stacy Ulmer-Pinter, Dr. Rachel Tilley Farrell and Dr. David Caldwell. All physicians are employed by SMH.

Dr. Smith and Dr. Rutledge currently see patients in Bryant in a shared space with Dr. Lewis Porter, General Surgeon. The new Springhill space will open up a private CAWG office tailored to enhance women’s services and provide a comfortable setting for patients and their families. CAWG will maintain the Benton address in addition to the Bryant location, making it convenient for patients in both locations.

Smith and Rutledge will move to their new office after the renovation is complete in January of 2012. Doctors Ulmer-Pinter and Farrell will also rotate through the Bryant clinic certain days of the week.

The new clinic will be made up of 3,216 square feet and include 8 Exam Rooms, 1 Procedure Room, 1 Bone Density + Ultrasound Room, 2 Restrooms, 3 Doctors Offices, 3 Nurse Stations and a Lab.

“The establishment of Central Arkansas Women’s Group coupled with the addition of the new Bryant office will enhance OB/GYN services to women living in Saline County,” said Carla Robertson, SMH Interim CEO. “We’re excited to finish the space and start serving patients.”

All physicians are currently accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment, call (501) 847-0834-Bryant or (501) 778-0427-Benton. For more information about women’s services provided at Saline Memorial, visit