Saline Memorial Compassionate Blood Drive for Sophie Tilley

The Saline Memorial Hospital Blood Drive on Wednesday, September 7, will be a compassionate drive for Sophie Tilley. Sophie is the daughter of Senna Howell, SMH Home Health. Sophie just turned 14, and she has been at Children’s Hospital since being diagnosed with Secondary AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) on August 12. This is her third bout of cancer since February 2008. She will need continuous blood transfusions and platelets. Right now they are looking for a bone marrow donor match (her parents and siblings didn’t match) and as soon as one is found and she goes into remission, they will transfer her to Dallas for the transplant.

In an effort to support Senna and her family, all donations at our next drive will be in honor of Sophie. The Howell family will be notified of every person who donates in her name. We will also have a t-shirt for every donor to sign at the drive. This will be given to Sophie.

There’s no guarantee that the blood you give at this drive will go directly to Sophie. However, it will guarantee there’s a better chance that blood will be available for her when she needs it.